Why do schools choose to order drinking water from us?

  1. We are a reputable drinking water production factory that adheres to international standards. Our water is clean, safe, and produced using state-of-the-art technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization, and Ozone treatment. For over 10 years, we have been supplying drinking water to numerous schools.
  2. In some instances, the water dispensers in schools may experience malfunctions. Therefore, opting for our bottled and packaged drinking water provides a more convenient and efficient solution.
  3. Parents and visitors often prefer not to use water dispensers within the school premises. By offering our bottled water, we cater to their preferences and ensure they have access to a reliable source of drinking water.
  4. We pride ourselves on providing fast and secure delivery of drinking water to schools. Whether you need a one-time order for immediate delivery or wish to establish a regular monthly or yearly delivery schedule, we can accommodate your needs.

    Quantity of drinking water per delivery, We offer delivery to all schools. In some areas, the minimum order quantity is 350 packs, while in others, it is 550 packs or more. Please feel free to contact us for further details and inquiries.

To place an order for school drinking water, please call 099 128 1676.

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